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The Grameen Italia Foundation is the first and only centre in Italy dedicated to studying and replicating microcredit programs based on the Grameen Bank methodology, that is the so-called “poor people’s bank” created by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus in the Seventies.

Together with our partners, at Grameen Italia we plan highly inclusive microcredit programs and we support credit beneficiaries during the entire production process.
We are here from the first steps of developing an entrepreneurial idea, until the loan is paid in full.

First and foremost, Grameen Italia offers auxiliary services to credit supply in four main areas:

A new proposal: the Social Farm Model

The Social Farm Model aims at starting and developing small agricultural businesses based on the Grameen method to meet the economic, environmental and social needs of the territory and counteract the problem of depopulation of rural areas.

How? Through relaunching local agriculture, increasing job opportunities, properly valorizing local products and the productive capacity of local agriculture.

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