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Fondazione Grameen Italia was born as an expression of the will of the Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus to start a center in Europe capable of promoting Microcredit and the so-called Social Business based on the Grameen Bank model.

With our accompanying services, we support micro-entrepreneurs from the early stages of development of the business idea until the loan is extinguished.

Support in the emergency from Covid-19

In this moment of confusion and significant changes, Fondazione Grameen Italia is taking action to meet the needs of micro-entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs.

We are working hard to respond to the new needs generated by the lockdown and the subsequent phases, which are impairing large sections of the population week by week.

This is why we want to actively participate in this new Italian and global scenario by making at your disposal our professionalism and experience.

The operating model that moves the action of Grameen Italia is based on the principles promoted by Prof. Yunus and is aimed at intervening for the economic development of the territory through the development of the human capital present therein in terms of financial education and enhancement of specific skills.

Social Farm Model

The Social Farm Model promotes the social and financial inclusion of disadvantaged people through the start-up of agricultural businesses (Social Farms). Social Farms can contrast the phenomenon of depopulation with the revitalization of agriculture, the increase in job opportunities, the enhancement of local products and territorial production capacity.

Scopri il Modello

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Became famous throughout the world as the father of Microcredit and Social Business, Prof. Muhammad Yunus was born in 1940 in Chittagong, the large port city of Bangladesh. Following the violent flood that hit Bangladesh in 1974, Prof. Yunus becomes aware of the devastating famine that the violent force of water has left behind and the serious poverty spread in his country.

From that day on I dedicated myself to unlearning theory and taking lessons from reality. To find it, I didn’t have to go far: reality was everywhere, you just had to leave the classroom. ”, writes Yunus in the famous book “The banker of the poor”.

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