Our courses are inspired by the teaching methodologies identified and promoted by Prof. Yunus.

Grameen Italia offers:

  • Financial literacy courses,
  • Business planning courses,
  • Social Business courses.

The courses are designed and created to make participants autonomous in the management of their economic resources, in making financial decisions and in transforming an idea into a business project, including a social one.

The courses are customized on the basis of the specific needs of each client and on the level of preparation of the recipient participants, adapting the delivery methods to the context of reference (cultural, organizational, environmental ones) .

We adopt an experiential teaching methodology that refers to the training approach of the so-called “learning-by-doing”.

In addition to the lectures, therefore, we use alternative teaching tools such as group work, role games, and simulations, in order to actively involve the participants.


We direct our courses to:

  • people in conditions of economic and social disadvantage;
  • social workers and managers of non-profit organizations;
  • unaccompanied foreign minors;
  • asylum seekers;
  • people of foreign origin;
  • Secondary School students;
  • University students.


Our courses last 10 hours, 15 hours or 20 hours. The methods of delivery, the duration and the topics covered can be modulated according to the needs of the organizations that request them.