Fondazione Grameen Italia was born as an expression of the will of the Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus to start a center in Europe capable of promoting microcredit and the so-called Social Business based on the Grameen Bank model.

Fondazione Grameen Italia belongs to a large network of organizations around the world committed to spreading the values ​​on which the thought of Prof. Yunus is based and to make them the subject of activities and projects with a social impact, each organization according to its original mission and vision.

A lively  network, which for this reason we love to define as an “ecosystem” of autonomous but connected organizations, capable of positively transforming reality.

In listing some of these organizations below, we also include the Italian Microcredit Authority and the European Microfinance Network for the great value of their work in the field of microfinance.

Entrepreneurial Microcredit

National body for microcredit
The National Body for Microcredit is an Italian non-economic public body that performs functions in the field of microcredit and microfinance, at national and international level. In particular:

  • promotion, direction, facilitation, evaluation and monitoring of the microfinance instruments promoted by the European Union and of the microfinance activities carried out using EU funds;
  • monitoring and evaluation of Italian microcredit and microfinance initiatives;
  • promotion and support of microcredit and microfinance programs for the economic and social development of the country, as well as
  • developing countries and economies in transition

European Microfinance Network
European Microfinance Network, to which the Fondazione Grameen Italia adheres, is a non-profit organization based in Brussels created to promote microfinance as a tool to combat social and financial exclusion in Europe through self-employment and the creation of micro-enterprises.

Grameen America
Non-profit microfinance organization based in New York that operates in the areas of microfinance, social inclusion and support for micro-entrepreneurship.

Social business

Social Business Pedia
Social Business Pedia is an online platform for information and dissemination on the topic of Social Business.

Yunus Social Business
Global organization active through Philanthropic Venture Funds and Corporate Innovation services. It has offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, India, Uganda.

Yunus Social Business Centre of the University of Bologna
Inaugurated on April 18, 2018 by Professor Muhammad Yunus and the Department of Management, the YSBC is located on the Forlì campus and – based on the philosophy of the other YSBCs – it acts mainly as an accelerator of business projects, often defining markets or financing their ideas through funds of investment. Furthermore, it supports the study and promotion of social enterprises already present in the area, amplifying their effect on the community.

Yunus Social Business Centre of the University of Florence
Born in 2011 thanks to the University of Florence, the PIN S.C.R.L. and the Central Bengali, is based in Prato (Florence) and works to disseminate social business theories and offer strategic support to individuals and institutions who want to put it into practice in Italy and abroad.
It is a non-profit entity that plays an intermediary role with the Dhaka reference body and the Italian subjects who wish to contact this organization, as it is the Italian Center promo accredited with the Yunus Center of Dhaka (Bangladesh).

The Hong Kong Center educates Hong Kong youth to promote and implement Social Business to tackle poverty.