Fondazione Grameen Italia designs training courses that include the following modules:

1) Personal development and construction of possibilities;
2) Financial literacy;
3) Business planning;
4) Business simulation.


The goal is to make the participants become autonomous in the management of personal and economic resources, in making financial decisions and in the transformation of an idea into a business project, including a social business, in accordance to their own capabilities.

Courses are personalized on the basis of specific needs of each customer, and on the level of education of the recipients, adapting the teaching methods to the context (cultural, organizational, environmental) of reference.

The educational approach is a combination of laboratories and experience, according to the so-called approach of learning-by-doing. In addition to the lectures, in fact, we use alternative teaching tools, such as team-works, role plays and simulations, in order to actively involve the participants during the entire duration of the course.

In general, our courses are aimed at the so-called non-bankable subjects and can have a duration of 15, 20 or 30 hours.
The delivery methods, the course lenght and the topics covered can be
adjusted according to the client’s needs.