At Fondazione Grameen Italia we carry out studies for monitoring and evaluating the social impact, producing in-depth reports for:

  • Third Sector entities (including social enterprises),
  • for-profit firms,
  • Public Administration.

Social Impact Assessment (SIA) is a set of techniques and tools useful to measure the change intentionally generated by an organisation or company in a given territory (or “field”) and addressed to one or more groups of people (or “beneficiaries”).

In order to start the activity of change analysis and to precisely define the survey framework, in Grameen Italia we use the methodology and tools of the Theory of Change (if appropriate to the context).

Once the key indicators have been identified, we use quali-quantitative research methods to collect data and report the results in a comprehensive way.

We use a multidisciplinary approach that allows us to consider S.I.A as a tool of control and verification, useful to improve future performance.

The advantages of impact assessment are many:

  • during the design phase, it is a useful tool for the identification of strategic development lines;
  • in the balance sheet phase, in the final balance sheet, the V.I.S. highlights the shared value generated, improving the company’s accountability;
  • in the communication phase, within the social report, V.I.S. is a fundamental tool for the involvement of the company’s stakeholders, direct and indirect beneficiaries and financial backers.