The University of Bologna recently launched the “UNIBO for Refugees” initiative to promote the integration of young refugees into the university world. The University of Bologna offers scholarships and concessions to asylum seeker/refugee students who intend to enroll in university courses. However, due to the waiting times between enrollment in the courses and the provision of benefits, refugee students have to advance the registration fees. Often this step is a serious problem for students who do not have any type of income and represents one of the main obstacles to inclusion in the university community.


  • Offer refugee students the opportunity to access university courses and benefits dedicated to them;
  • Offer students the opportunity to continue their studies and rebuild a future;
  • Overcome the problem associated with paying tuition fees for university courses.

Thanks to the agreement between the University of Bologna and Fondazione Grameen Italia, students with international protection will be able to obtain a small subsidized loan to enroll in the degree or master’s degree courses of the University of Bologna.

Grameen Italia will anticipate the first installment of university fees for students with international protection who have applied for Er.Go. As envisaged in the Grameen methodology, the beneficiaries of the loan will be involved in an accompaniment and support process aimed at guiding entrepreneurship.