The seminar entitled “Measuring the impact of microfinance products: the experiences and indications of public and private fund managers” will take place on Wednesday 16 May at the Aula Mattarelli of the Campus of Forlì of the University of Bologna.

The event is organized by Microfinanza Srl and promoted by Fondazione Grameen Italia and the Yunus Social Business Centre of the University of Bologna.

The seminar will be introduced by the intervention of Prof. Giuseppe Torluccio, Vice President of our Foundation, and by Prof. Francesco Timpano of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Followed by the presentation of the project “MEMI – Measuring Microfinance Impact by Prof. Lucia Poletti of the University of Parma, the speech “Social impact: experiences, criticalities and future developments” by Luca Torre, General Manager of GAWA Capital Partners SL and the speech “Accountability for microcredit: lessons learned from the trust sector” by Salvatore Vescina, Senior Expert of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion of the Italian Government.

The seminar will end with a round table coordinated by the President of Microfinanza SL Giampietro Pizzo.

We are waiting for you starting from 10.50 in Piazzale della Vittoria, 15 in Forlì, Aula Mattarelli.

At this link the seminar program in English.