The incubation path CRIB – to CReate, to Include, to Build designed by Kilowatt kicked off on October 1st: it is aimed at supporting and developing the entrepreneurial skills of migrant people.

Now starting in the scouting phase of the participants, CRIB provides a six-month program to be articulated in training, incubation, tutoring and networking activities for the development of business ideas.

At the end of the experience, the participants determined to become entrepreneurs will be oriented towards the best forms of financing suitable to start their business.

The route begins in October with two workshops addressed to the social workers active in the field of job placement, about the enhancement of soft skills in disadvantaged people.

In December, the training sessions addresses to the migrant people will be dedicated to the definition of the entrepreneurial idea and will begin at “Le Serre dei Giardini Margherita”. The sessions will be followed by a focus on the definition of the business model and on the sustainability of the project.

The program is implemented by the Kilowatt team in collaboration with the project partners and foresees, in the phases following the incubation, the involvement of tutors for the start-up of the companies.

In fact, CRIB wants to make participation the driving principle of the program, to create with future entrepreneurs an urban ecosystem animated by public and private subjects that collaborate on a territorial basis, engaged in reception.

In a historical period when the phenomenon of migration is mainly told in terms of emergencies, CRIB intends to propose a different narration of the present. In fact, the project wants to work in the supply chain with the local actors to support and give strength to ideas that create work and widespread wellbeing for the community” describes Kilowatt.

CRIB was born within the European Initiative “Social Challenge – From Job Seekers to Job Creators“, with the participation and support of Fondazione Grameen Italia, and coordinated in Italy by Aster.
Promoter of the initiative is Meta Group, which, thanks to the support of the European BIC Network (EBN) and Impact Hub partners, has implemented the European Social Challenges Innovation Platform.