Our partners share with Grameen Italia the commitment to build a better future with an operational approach, which is relationship-centred and invests in the personal resources of individuals, with the main goal of developing their potential. If you are a company, an association, an institution or a private social entity interested in developing new collaborations, partnerships or simply in meeting us to share our points of view, contact us at, we are at your disposal.

Interships, degree thesis

Grameen Italia Foundation is engaged in numerous activities in the study and promotion of Microcredit, Microfinance and Social Business. Due to its close relationship with the university world, we offer curricular and extra-curricular internships: an important professional training opportunity which allows students to make a first practical experience, consistent with the course of study in their university education. Each internship will be part of a training project agreed between the Foundation, the student and the faculty of reference.

Each candidate will be required to send their application form to along with a cover letter, a short curriculum and a description of the main activities of interest. They will also be required to do an interview. We also supports students writing their thesis, research students receiving a grant and Ph.D. students interested in developing microcredit and social business issues during their study career.

Mentoring and charity work

If you want to enjoy and share our work as a volunteer, look at the Grameen Italia projects and decide which you’d rather be a part of, or even propose a new one. Write to and tell us your story: we will contact you soon. Grameen Italia Foundation would love to collaborate with volunteer mentors around Bologna who want to apply their skills and experience to support our micro-entrepreneurs in analysing the feasibility of the business venture and to provide technical help for the business development. As a volounterr, you will receive specific training on the Grameen method and you will be included in our projects.