During 2020, Fondazione Grameen Italia Foundation intends to carry out the “Grameen Lab: business workshops for inclusion” project in order to enhance the talents and skills developed by the most vulnerable populations in the context of the numerous reception, training, and integration implemented by social workers in our area.

Grameen Lab aims to transform these experiences (tailoring, catering, crafts, agriculture, etc.) into entrepreneurial skills through the use of effective and engaging training tools that will allow participants to experience themselves concretely in the process of business ideation and simulation.
At the end of the training experience, aspiring entrepreneurs will be oriented towards the most suitable forms of financing to support the start-up and development of their entrepreneurial projects (Microcredit for the company, crowdfunding, public funding and concessions, etc.).

The project will last for 12 months and will be carried out in the Bologna Metropolitan City area, thanks to the support by ASP – Città di Bologna.

The project received a contribution to partially cover construction costs from the Monte del Bologna and Ravenna Foundation.


The project has a dual objective of spreading economic and financial culture and facilitating the development of an entrepreneurial mind-set capable of promoting the start-up of new businesses. In addition, the Grameen Lab project represents an opportunity to experiment with innovative methods of job and financial inclusion in support of traditional job placement (job placement, employment laboratories), so that the efforts put in place by public and private organizations can be translated, where possible, in entrepreneurial experiences.


The beneficiaries of the project are people of foreign origin and/or in particular conditions of socio-economic disadvantage already included in vocational training and job orientation initiatives, interested in deepening the techniques and tools of starting a business and located in the metropolitan area of the city of Bologna.

The project is aimed specifically at women: a social category affected by specific forms of disadvantage and exclusion and therefore exposed to greater risks of marginalization in the labor market.

The project is aimed at a total number of 15 beneficiaries, who will be divided into 3 thematic groups of 5 people. Each thematic group will be made up of beneficiaries who share the same professional training course.