LATTEFIENO.APP: organizational innovation for a supply chain of STG Hay Milk in support of the Apennines of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The LATTEFIENO.APP project, of which Fondazione Grameen Italia is the leading partner, aims to identify one or more supply chains for products derived from a particular type of milk, the so-called “Hay Milk” (TSG – Traditional Specialty Guaranteed, EU Reg. N. 304/2016), in order to improve the profitability of farms in the Emilia-Romagna Apennines.

In fact, at the base of the project, there are not only the activities of milk production, its transformation, and marketing but there is a broad vision of sustainable management of the territory and support for the productivity of rural areas, which are suffering from depopulation, too.

By combining new technologies, innovation, and traditional knowledge, the project intends to investigate strategies to create shared economic, social, and environmental value, capable of bringing together territorial productive vocations with market opportunities.

Hay Milk is a Traditional Specialty Guaranteed (TSG) registered in the EU with the implementing regulation n. 304/2016 of the Commission of 2 March 2016.
The TSG (EU Reg. 1151/2012) identify agricultural products and food products with a “special” (ie different from analogues belonging to the same category) and “traditional” (ie included in a place for at least 30 years) composition.
The specialty of the productions is tied to the recipe or to the particular (disciplinary) production methods and not to the area of ​​origin.
The traditional requirement is the only substantial distinctive element with respect to voluntary product certification.

The path of tradition as enhancement of mountain agricultural products has already been successfully followed by the Protected Designations of Origin (PDO) and the Protected Geographical Indications (PGI). The hilly and mountain territories, which in Italy represent about 77% of the national surface, in Emilia-Romagna cover 52% of the regional surface.

The partners of the project

Together with Fondazione Grameen Italia, they participate in the LATTEFIENO.APP project:

  • Abbondanza Formaggi;
  • Artemis Srl;
  • Az. Agr.Cartiera dei Beneandanti;
  • Az. Agr. Delmolino;
  • Centro di Ricerche Produzioni Animali;
  • Consorzio Apicoltori e Agricoltori Biologici Italiani (CONAPI);
  • Cooperativa Agricola S. Lucia;
  • Dinamica FP;
  • Departement of Management from Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna;
  • Latteria Sociale San Giorgio.