The Grameen Italia Foundation’s mentoring activities play a very important role in the microcredit process and fall within the range of mandatory assistance and monitoring services provided for in Article 3 of DM 176 2014.

Mentoring is a series of services provided during the period following the granting of microcredit, including:

  • support in identifying and diagnosing any criticality of the project funded,
  • orientation towards possible solutions to prevent any criticality of the business,
  • technical assistance to the development of the company,
  • construction of the production chain.

In addition, if not yet provided, at the beneficiary‚Äôs request, the auxiliary services usually offered at the stage of microcredit application preparation can also be provided (see “Training“):

  • the orientation towards services available on the market for solving legal, fiscal and administrative problems,
  • support to the definition of prices and sales strategies, with the carrying out of market studies,
  • training on the company’s management techniques, from the point of view of accounting, financial management and personnel management,
  • training on the use of the most advanced technologies to increase productivity (social marketing).

Mentoring services are provided through group meetings at a predetermined rate and in accordance with specific operational requirements.


The Foundation is included in the compulsory national list of non-financial auxiliary service providers for assistance and monitoring for microcredit whose management is entrusted to the National Board for Microcredit pursuant to Law no. 225, art. 13, paragraph 1-bis.