The main goals of the Grameen Italia Foundation are the study and promotion in Italy and Europe of Microcredit and Social Business.

Grameen Italia conducts preliminary feasibility studies on implementing microcredit programs, it plans monitoring and evaluation protocols of the production process and it conducts studies to evaluate the social impact generated by interventions.

In particular, the phase of monitoring and evaluation of results is a core step of the microcredit process, based on the Grameen model. The analysis of social performance and of results achieved by the microcredit program allows, firstly, to set up a learning process for all the partners of the project; on the other hand, it stimulates the review and improvement of critical elements.

In these years the Foundation has focused on organizing numerous workshops, seminars and conventions to share scientific ideas on the nature of microcredit and to raise society’s awareness on the topic.

Current programs

The Social Farm Model: microcredit and agriculture

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Microcredit and Prison

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The research “”

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Practical guide to microcredit in Emilia-Romagna 2013

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