Project completed (2013)

The Practical Guide to Microcredit in Emilia Romagna was created on behalf of the Grameen Italia Foundation in collaboration with Terre d’Argine Union and the patronage of the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The guide is intended for both potential borrowers of microcredit initiatives and operators in social, health, education and information services in the area. Easy to refer to, the guide aims at providing social workers with a useful tool for identifying and directing users towards innovative channels of financial and social inclusion; in addition, it helps users by directing them in the choice of the more fitting microcredit alternatives for their specific needs.

The practical guide to microcredit includes the description of twenty-five microcredit programs on regional territory and censused in 2013 through the questionnaire-interviews handed directly to promoting entities. All programs presented are intended to promote the financial and social inclusion of non-bankable individuals and families in economic difficulty.

We wish to see a dissemination among all those who consider the practice of Microcredit as a mean of supporting the person; we believe that, for it to be an effective opportunity, it must be brought to the attention of the largest number of potential borrowers and operators of public and private services.

Practical guide to microcredit in Emilia-Romagna (ITA)