Project completed (2013-2014)

With the aim of understanding the potential of microcredit in Italy, the Grameen Italia Foundation has promoted an interdisciplinary research work. It has been conducted starting from a systematic collection of data that led to the identification of the state-of-the-art on microcredit and the particularities that the phenomenon has taken in the Emilia-Romagna Region. Through the research, four excluded populations and/or at risk of social and financial exclusion have been identified, for which the application of microcredit could imply a substantial advantage. These are prisoners and former prisoners, young people (the so-called N.E.E.T.), foreign citizens and people with mental illness. Through a simulation, we tried to understand how and with which benefits – economic and not only – we can design new opportunities for individuals and communities, to be also applied in the field of public policies.

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Stages of research

They are:

  • Definition of Microcredit identity
  • Analysis of the supply and demand of microcredit in Emilia-Romagna
  • Identification of possible targets of beneficiaries: Youth and so-called “N.E.E.T.s”, foreign nationals, ex-prisoners and psychiatric patients
  • Simulation of a microcredit program to be applied to the identified target populations, with a study of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Identification of an optimal structure for practical implementation

The results of the research can be found in the text:

Brunori, L., Giovannetti, E., & Guerzoni, G. (Eds.). (2014). Faremicrocredito. it. Lo sviluppo del potenziale del microcredito attraverso il social business in Italia: Lo sviluppo del potenziale del microcredito attraverso il social business in Italia. FrancoAngeli, Milano.

The research group

Supervisor: Prof. Luisa Brunori
Senior Researchers:

  • Prof. Luisa Brunori (Psychology Field)
  • Prof. Enrico Giovannetti (Economy Field)
  • Prof. Giovanna Guerzoni (Antropology Field)
  • Prof. Marco Lamandini (Law Field)

Junior Researchers:

  • Dr. Chiara Bleve
  • Dr. Giorgia Bonaga
  • Dr. Daniele Ferraguti
  • Dr. Katherine Hunt
  • Dr. Francesca Pellegrini
  • Dr. Shamimur Rahman
  • Dott. Roberto Guzzo