The training activities that Grameen Italia Foundation offers are many and vary according to the development phase of the microcredit process and the context of reference. In some cases, they aim to raise awareness of microcredit and entrepreneurship in the population, in other cases, they offer real training paths to support potential borrowers in the phases preceding the granting of microcredit.

Training activities are divided into the following three phases:

I. Raising awareness

It envisions a range of activities aimed at promoting and disseminating microcredit practices in the area, aimed at both potential borrowers and public and private organizations (local authorities, companies, cooperatives, associations) interested in local development projects. The main themes are: microcredit identity and technology, self-design, entrepreneurship orientation and financial literacy.

II. Business Planning

At this stage, ahead of that of microcredit applications, training activities focus exclusively on potential borrowers and are intended to support them in defining:

  • the development strategy of the business project, analysing the solutions useful to improve the business,
  • the business model, to verify its economic and financial sustainability.

III. Preparation of the microcredit application

Training activities in the preparation phase of the microcredit application (a.k.a. “Inquiry”) are intended to support borrowers of the microcredit program during the development of the business plan, supplementary microcredit application document. Among the services offered we have:

  • the orientation towards services available on the market for solving legal, fiscal and administrative problems,
  • support to the definition of prices and sales strategies, with the carrying out of market studies,
  • training on the company’s management techniques, from the point of view of accounting, financial management and personnel management,
  • training on the use of the most advanced technologies to increase productivity (social marketing).

As required by the Grameen method, training services are provided through group meetings at a predetermined rate and in accordance with specific operational requirements.

Stage II and Stage III activities fall within the range of mandatory assistance and monitoring auxiliary services provided for in Article 3 of DM 176 2014.

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