Fondazione Grameen Italia is the first and only center in Italy dedicated to studying and replicating microcredit programs based on the Grameen Bank methodology, that is the so-called “poor people’s bank” created by the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus in the Seventies.

Grameen Italia was born in 2010 thanks to a cooperation between the University of Bologna, the UniCredit Foundation and the Grameen Trust. Grameen Italia is a non-profit organization, private and independent who follows exclusively social goals oriented towards the promotion of Microcredit Grameen model and of Social Business.

Grameen Italia is administrated by a Directive Council, overseen by the Board of Supervisors and it is represented by its President Prof. H. I. Latifee from Grameen Trust.

Since May 2016, Professor Giuseppe Torluccio is the Vice President of Grameen Italia.

The staff of Grameen Italia is composed by professionals coming from different studying and working areas as business administration, project management, psychology, communication and legal studies.

The activities conducted by Fondazione Grameen Italia aim at encouraging and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives of those who have difficulties to access to credit and who are excluded by the traditional banking system. The activities realized by Grameen Italia can be led in collaboration with individuals from the local area and can be regarded to the social and working inclusion of disadvantaged people and more in general, coherent with the Foundation’s mission.

Planning, Training, Mentoring and Research are the four areas in which Fondazione Grameen Italia conducts its activities and they have been identified to guarantee a correct development of the Grameen Model in the Italian context, preserving its richness and complexity.

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