Grameen Italia Foundation provides technical and relational assistance services to borrowers of microcredit programs, contributing to the virtuous exchange between giver and borrower of a small loan.

We operate with a single model: the one of Grameen Bank.

To guarantee a correct adaptation of the Grameen model to the Italian environment, preserving its richness and complexity, we have formulated a specific modus operandi and identified our four program areas:

We plan and implement microcredit programs oriented towards financial and social inclusion of the most vulnerable populations, aiming at activating and valorising personal resources of borrowers and the organizational ones of partners. All from a value development and co-production point of view.

We assist potential borrowers before the emission of microcredit. We offer multiple and various training activities depending on the development phase of the microcredit process.

We support borrowers of microcredit after the loan, with a wide range of services, aimed at company development and problem-solving.

We develop surveys and data collection, we analyse business plans, evaluate and monitor microcredit programs: we carry out flexible and custom research for organizations and those who request it. Since 2010, the research activity has characterized the operations of the Grameen Italia Foundation.

The Foundation is included in the compulsory national list of non-financial auxiliary service providers for assistance and monitoring for microcredit whose management is entrusted to the National Board for Microcredit pursuant to Law no. 225, art. 13, paragraph 1-bis.